August 22, 2011

TWD: Golden Brioche Loaves and Raisin Snails

Back in May 2008, not too long after I joined Tuesdays with Dorie, I made my first brioche dough (and then turned it into Pecan Honey Sticky Buns). I was so proud of myself for attacking an intimidating recipe, but after all was said and done, I saw how simple things could be if you just follow directions and see what happens.

Three years later, I'm not at all intimidated by brioche, which is less a testament to my baking skills than it is to Dorie's well-written recipe. Margaret of Tea and Scones chose the original Golden Brioche Loaves as this week's recipe, and I was happy to revisit an old favorite. I decided to freeze half of the dough and use the other half for Brioche Raisin Snails, which were selected a few weeks before I joined the group. You can find the recipe for brioche, as well as many other delectable goodies, on Margaret's blog.

My six-year-old was in charge of adding the butter and preventing the mixer from escaping the counter during the final beating-in-the-butter phase. This was a welcome change from three years ago, when I made her leave the kitchen so the mixer wouldn't fall on her head. After the buttery dough rested overnight in the refrigerator, I baked half into a freezer-bound loaf (future French toast), and made the rest into Brioche Raisin Snails (above). This involved making pastry cream and soaking raisins in rum, but it really wasn't too much effort.

The rolls were not particularly attractive, but very good. I had another "Did these really come from my kitchen?" moment. It wasn't the first, and even though we are close to the end of The Book, I know it won't be the last.

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  1. I have yet to make this butter rich dough. I need to wait for company as I have no self control. Looks so yummy. I bet french toast made with this is amazing. Again I need someone to share the butter with!

  2. I made some snails too, and also couldn't believe they came out of my kitchen! I've got the sticky bun dough in the freezer and just read your post with your comment about the honey flavor. I'm not big on honey flavor myself, so I may reduce it when I make them. It's always nice to read other people's opinions!

  3. Oh yum, I could so go for 1 or 3 of these right now!

  4. Yum-your snails look fabulous-the raisins are all plump and delicious- looking! I froze my loaf, but will bring it out soon to make French toast.

  5. I love your raisin snails - I so wanted to make those, but was feeling a little lazy and didn't get there.

  6. I felt that same, "Wow, did I make that or are there leprauchan bakers in here in the middle of the night?" feeling..... :) M

  7. We love that corn pudding recipe from Barefoot Contessa . The farm in
    Collegeville has such delicious corn I just had to make it before the
    season is over. We enjoyed the burger too. Stay safe, the rain and
    wind is getting stronger now at 9 PM.


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